Automatic Updating is our number one most highly requested feature of all time, receiving over 600 votes from users. You asked for it, and in WHMCS 7 we delivered it.

Automatic Updating is all about making it easier to update and ensure you’re getting the best possible experience from the WHMCS product at all times.

Version 7 might just be the last update you’ll ever need to download.

Our work on automatic updates started over 3 years ago. Now on our fourth iteration, we believe we’ve got it right and are ready to release it to our users. With multiple layers of security to ensure the validity and authenticity of the updates as well as numerous safeguards built-in to ensure that the environment is suitable before the update begins, Automatic Updates are a quick, safe and a enjoyable experience. Learn more in our Q&A with Nate Custer from our Development Team.

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