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Scam/Malware/Phishing ALERT: Credit Card Charged email from ccbiller247

scam alert1

This morning we received emails from domaincop.org (see post here).  Those emails were followed up by another type of scam emails from ccbiller247.com that also contained links that should NOT be clicked.  See email below: Dear Customer, We have just processed your payment against Invoice no.KW1521 ( Download Receipt). The payment details are: Order Value: […]

Scam/Malware/Phishing ALERT: Domain Abuse Notice from DomainCop

scam alert1

This morning we received emails from domaincop.org.  The emails used different names and it seems the domain may also be using different domain extensions (TLD) such as .com, .org, .net and others. Please ignore these emails and DO NOT click on any links.  See email below: Dear Domain Owner, Our system has detected that your […]

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