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Version 7.0 Now Available

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Introducing WHMCS Version 7.0 – the last update you’ll ever need to download! Featuring our number one most highly requested feature of all time, WHMCS 7.0 debuts the much anticipated Automatic Updater that makes it easy to update and ensure you’re getting the best possible experience from the WHMCS product at all times. WHMCS 7.0 […]

Introducing WHMCS ImportAssist

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Introducing WHMCS ImportAssist WHMCS ImportAssist helps you migrate your data to WHMCS. With WHMCS ImportAssist, you can import your data from a range of web based billing applications as well as migrating data from one WHMCS installation to another, allowing you to combine multiple installations into one. Through a simple wizard based process, WHMCS ImportAssist […]

Update Available for Nominet Module

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An update to WHMCS’s Nominet registrar module is available for download to accommodate for immediate service-level changes implemented by Nominet. Nominet has implemented and requires the use of TLSv1.1 for communications with their EPP services. These services are required for all remote domain registration and management functionality on their platform. All communications to their services […]

Feature Spotlight: Domain Lookups

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WHMCS 7.0 improves the way you interact with, showcase and sell domains from your WHMCS installation. Using techniques that are proven to increase conversions, we’ve introduced the ability to feature extensions that we’re calling Spotlight TLDs. We’ve also added domain sale groups that allow you to draw attention to key extensions, the ability for customers […]

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